Bicycle Touring
And there she was...sitting pretty up against the garage while I was Bicycle Touring.

Rollin’ Outta Indy

Tonight is my last night in Indianapolis. Free climbing bridges, joy riding, down town exploring, tattoos, hookah, rock climbing and feasting will be greatly missed, but I will be back on the road early tomorrow headed towards Bloomington.  I made a couch request to some people around the area so maybe I will have a place to crash.  If not there are some campgrounds in the vicinity where I should be able to stealth camp.  I wanted to take this time out to thank the Stuart family for their kindness and hospitality.  I greatly appreciated the food, bed and warm showers in the few days I stayed here.  Hopefully, I will see Trevor when I get out to Colorado in a few months.  If not I’m sure I will see you all again at some point in the near future. Indiana will be missed.

Bus 142
Right after getting my Bus 142 tattoo in Indianapolis.