Downtown Indianapolis
Trevor climbing a few statues in down town Indianapolis.

Bond…Trev Bond

Indianapolis, IN

I arrived in Indianapolis yesterday.  I woke up around 8 AM in a corn field and headed out at 8:30 AM.  I swung by the local Dollar General to pick up some trail mix and candy bars.  I didn’t really meet anyone today or see too much.  US-31 consists of corn fields and stores so there was not much to look at from a scenery standpoint.  I biked about 60 miles until my phone died near East Dean street.

Both cables to my phone broke and I was unable to charge my phone from the external battery pack.  So I randomly took a left and asked a woman mowing her lawn if she knew where Heyward Lane was located.  She had no idea at all, which made me laugh because I biked about 100 feet down the road and saw a sign for Heyward Lane.  Trevor’s development is a gated community so I biked around to the front entrance and headed to his house.  I knocked multiple times and rang the doorbell with no answer.  I checked the cars in the driveway and I did not know if I was at the right house.  Finally he came to the door.  I unpacked my belongings and we feasted.  We headed out to the city to climb random structures and check out down town.  I met an attractive girl, Deena, from New Jersey who came to Indianapolis to visit her boyfriend.  Not the brightest girl.  She thought I should be on the news for riding my bike as far as I have.  I laughed and thought to myself this is not Jersey Shore.

Trevor climbed a few statues in down town Indianapolis.

Then we tried getting on top of the Sheraton with no luck.  We had no legitimate purpose for being in that building anyway.  At this point we headed back to his home and smoked hookah before we crashed.