Clarksville, Indiana
More postcards to send out to family and friends!

Clarksville, IN

TransAmerica Trail DE to CO

I made great progress today. It’s amazing how much elevation plays when it comes to distance. I went about 70 miles today because Louisville and Clarksville are so damn flat.  After my clothes dried I left around 2 PM and headed through Shepherdsville.  I grabbed a few snacks at the local Speedy Mart and spoke to a tatted redneck who asked how far I’d gone. When I told him I broke the 1000 mile mark today his jaw dropped. He didn’t believe me so I showed him my stats on Strava. His astonished expression left him speechless. He told me Louisville partied hard if I was looking for night life. I thought about it, but I also know my bike would get stolen or items would be missing.  I decided to head through the city and the view from the Clarksville bridge illuminated the sky.  KOA Kampground sat just around the corner and the day was coming to an end.

I looked around for any stealthy spots to camp, but realized I had better pay this time around due to the area surrounding me. It was not worth the risk.  Labor Day prices cost a boatload, but at least I have WiFi, laundry, shower, and a place to charge my electronics.  Best of all I snagged five more postcards, which I will be sending out once I reach Trevor’s in Indianapolis.  Tomorrow is looking like a 113 mile ride. Hopefully, I can do it. If not I’m sure I’ll find a spot to crash.

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