Right outside Springfield, KY after a long day of biking I need to find a spot to sleep.

Jimmy the Kingpin Meth Lord

Springfield, KY

I ventured off the trail this morning since I could not find the unknown road I was supposed to turn onto.  A lot of streets are not named so I decided to head down Route 52 to 27.  I stopped at Paint Lick Methodist Church to charge my electronics and indulge in some reading.  I biked another 20 miles and stopped at another church on 152 South to eat some food and replenish fluids.

I continued on down the road where I met up with Brad and Naomi who gave me directions to the nearest campground. I told them my story and they offered me water and a handful of home-grown tomatoes for the road. They offered to drive me to where I was headed but I kindly declined.  That would defeat the purpose of the trip.  I ventured on down the road and picked up some snacks at Rose Hill Food Basket.  The sunset looked like a bright orange flare spread throughout the sky intertwined between the clouds.  I knew darkness was approaching and I needed to find shelter.

So I stopped on the side of the road, which is where I met Thomas, Jimmy and Robert off Route SR 55 along with their dog Boo-Boo. who growled and almost pounced on me.  I just pet her head, gave her attention hand she left me alone. The group saw me biking down the road and offered me a beer. I kindly accepted and asked if they knew where the nearest campground was located. Naomi and Brad told me there was one about 16 Mike’s from Rose Hill Food Basket, but the state park did not have a camping area. They told me the closest one was 13 miles away and I’d be biking in the dark.  We pounded down a few more brews and Thomas offered me a spot to sleep in the lawn.  We began talking about my trip, and the mafia, an officer’s execution that took place a few months back and real estate.  Thomas is 37 and looking to retire by 40. He has nine investment properties and a lawn care business.  He lets Jimmy stay at the property we were drinking at to get his life back together.  He got involved with the wrong people and did ten years in jail for schedule I drugs.  I got to know all three of them pretty well that night.

Looks like a smaller version of Step Falls in Scranton, PA, but in KY.

Thomas informed me that the people around these parts are genuinely nice, but most are involved with the mafia in some form such as moonshining.  If someone tells you they do not like you, you best move along and avoid confrontation.  Everyone owns guns in these parts.

As for the police officer who was executed on May 25th right down the road on Route 55 they have no leads.  The murderer placed trees in the road around a bend and the officer got out of his personal vehicle to move them.  He was shot once in the chest and twice in the face.  They still have no leads in the investigation.

After much conversation it began to get dark so we went inside and drank a few more to avoid the bugs.  Jimmy went to bed, the others left and went home and he gave me a spot on his couch to crash.  This has been the most comfortable spot I have slept in about a week so I appreciated it.  They invited me to a party tomorrow that starts at 10 AM and goes to 4 AM off of Old Bloomfield Road located off Route 162.  I need a rest day and it may rain so I figure I might attend the party to relax and rest up for Sunday.