Virginia Countryside!

Pizza and Tryin’ Not to Hurl

Elk Garden Methodist Church

Beautiful Virginia
Random fields of green and skies of blue. I have seen this all day since leaving Elk Garden Methodist Church.

It’s been a slow day so far. I slept in until 7:30 AM. Packed some food, left a small donation and hit the road by 8:00 AM. Each day is getting a little easier as my legs have adjusted to the riding. I wound up bumping into two cyclists heading towards Yorktown. They could not believe how light of a rig I had with just rear panniers and a rack setup. Everyone I have seen thus far all have far more luggage than myself. I actually met Adam from Colorado whom the couple I spoke with last night at Elk Garden Methodist Church was talking about. Adam have me a business card and told me if I need a place to stay in Colorado Springs to give him a call. His journey was for charity.  I am still figuring out what mine represents.  Nonetheless, I think I’m slowly finding myself as I go further each day.

Breaks Interstate Park
On my way to Breaks Interstate Park. Tomorrow I’ll be in Kentucky!

I stocked up on more snacks at Cruisers and ate at an all you can eat pizza buffet called Pizza Plus. I am on my way to Breaks Interstate Park where I plan on reading and writing a bit before I head out to the next campground. I have heard Breaks is a must see attraction from the locals and cyclists coming the other direction. So I plan on staying there for a few hours before I seek shelter.

All of these pictures are from the TransAmerica Bicycle trail if you haven’t been following my blog. These are some of the most beautiful scenic routes in America. If you can’t bicycle tour across the country due to time I would suggest just driving in a car from coast-to-coast. You won’t regret it!


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