Christiansburg, VA
A huge bridge I saw while cycling through Christiansburg, VA.

Gettin’ Caught in the Bush

Claytor Lake – Radford, VA

Christiansburg, VA
Trying to get a hold of Tom from Warm Showers as I cycle through Christiansburg, VA.

The intensity and craziness of yesterday makes me wonder what today will bring.  I road 90 miles hoping that I could meet up with Tom from WarmShowers. I got to Route 666 and gave him a call but it went to voicemail and unfortunately I did not have service the rest of the way. I wound up biking into 9 PM. Night riding is a lot of fun, but dangerous. I had so much adrenaline pumping because I didn’t know where I was going to sleep. I tried finding a spot earlier in the day due to the sun showers, but there were not any decent spots for shelter.

Christiansburg, VA
On my way through Christiansburg, VA to Radford.

I continued on into the night finding a few expensive inns. I also found a great spot in the evergreen trees right outside of Claytor Lake State Park, but it was infested with skunk so I ran for my life. Thankfully I didn’t alarm them so I didn’t get sprayed.

I ran out of places to sleep and it was nearing 10 PM. I found a spot on Claytor Lake Inn property, but was spotted by adjacent neighbors. Technically it was not their property I was on, but I was polite and thankful they didn’t call the police. Though it would be hard to get me for trespassing when there were not any signs posted (I checked). Anyway, they pointed me in the direction of Claytor Lake State Park. I got in extremely late and was able to leave pretty early. Stealth camping in campgrounds is much easier than I thought. It beats paying the ridiculous fees of $30.0+ and sometimes you even get a warm shower and electricity to charge your phone. The simple life so far is great.

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