Wattstull Inn

Buchanan, VA
Right outside of Buchanan, VA

I made it to Buchanan, VA. Decided to stay at the Wattstull Inn. Went swimming a little earlier, grabbed a shower, a few beers and restocked on some food. I met a kid earlier who did the TransAmerica Trail with his brother in 49 days. That is inspirational to say the least. 80 miles a day is more than I could do, but his parents were paying for his shelter and they were staying in high end hostels and hotels. I have been roughing it for the most part, which is cheaper and less comfortable.

Buchanan, VA
Another long driveway in the beautiful, colorful state of Virginia.

Anyway, he introduced me to Warm Showers, which is a cycling couch surfing app. Hopefully I can find some cyclists who are willing to help me out with a place to sleep whether it be a bed or lawn. Anything is appreciated. I expect to start pushing 50 to 60 miles a day now that I’m out of the mountains. It was also recommended I buy a taser or pepper spray for the dogs in Kentucky.  Hopefully I don’t have to use that or my knife…it could get ugly…for the dog of course.

Buchanan, VA
Look at the bright, green, pastures and light blue sky. More pictures from the scenic Route 11 as I cycle to Buchanan, VA.
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