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Sally Barbara Terrain Park

Sally Barbara

Sally Barbara I’ve upped the stakes over the past few weeks and finally overcame my fear of being inverted and spinning. We got a crew together from work and parked in the Sally Barbara lot then hiked about twenty minutes until we reached a bowl to the left of the cross country skiing path.  We

Hiking Frisco Peaks Trail

Hiking Frisco Peaks Trail I ended up hiking for about three or four miles today through National Forest finishing up in Frisco near the hospital.  The perfect day for hiking.  I changed out of my cold gear and trekked up the side of the mountain in sweat pants, minimalist shoes and a techwick t-shirt.  The

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Peaks Trail

Peaks Trail I woke up today and spent most of the morning fixing my phone.  The GPS stopped working after I flashed the custom PacMan ROM to my HTC One.  I will have to look into this later, but it caused me to start my hike a bit later than I wanted. I looked outside

City Market

City Market Kate, my landlord, showed me a topographic map of the area between Frisco and Breckenridge.  Apparently boat loads of trails exist all around the area.  Most have loops, but the ones that don’t send you off towards Frisco or Breckenridge by bus stops so you can hop on the public transportation.  I wanted

Breckenridge Job Search

Breckenridge Job Search

Breckenridge Job Search Yesterday I woke up rather late about 9:30 AM. My body is still adjusting to the altitude change, but for the most part I can still function. My original plan entailed checking out the outlets in Silver Thorne and going to Frisco for some sight seeing, but I ended up missing the

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