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Lost, Naked and Cold

Lost, Naked and Cold New Haven I took a rest day yesterday. I slept in until 7 AM.  Jimmy made me a cup of black coffee and we just lounged around watching television.  He let me take a shower, which felt amazing, as I have not had one in days.  We were supposed to head

Jimmy the Kingpin Meth Lord

Jimmy the Kingpin Meth Lord Springfield, KY I ventured off the trail this morning since I could not find the unknown road I was supposed to turn onto.  A lot of streets are not named so I decided to head down Route 52 to 27.  I stopped at Paint Lick Methodist Church to charge my


Berea I woke up early this morning to avoid any visits from the park rangers. I packed up my bivy sack and hit the road once I left “Crime and Punishment” in the crack of the maintenance door. I’m sure someone will appreciate it.  I struck up a small conversation with a white supremacist redneck

Buckhorn, KY

Booneville Billy the Ex-Marine

Booneville Billy the Ex-Marine Buckhorn, KY I started off the morning being chased down by two fierce dogs. The one was smaller and ran out of gas rather quickly, but the white, mixed pooch would not back down. He ran after me for over a half mile. I was tempted to pull out my knife,

Hindman, KY

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who Let the Dogs Out? Hindman, Kentucky I biked 90 miles today and made it all the way to Hindman, KY. Down the road I met a few cyclists going to Yorktown, VA. Mel and Stan who were both older, retired gentlemen.  They informed me to watch out for vicious dogs ahead and that there

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