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Tribune We woke up in Dighton Park.  That night I just slept in my sleeping bag with a few layers on since it dropped into the 40s.  The pavilion covered us so I did not need my bivy sack.  We prepped our gear and looked around for a restaurant, but these towns lack them due

Brian Cray - Budget Travel 2013-09-28-14.05.43-w800-h600-735x440 Dighton Kansas  transamerica trail kansas bicycle touring


Dighton Kansas I woke up from a great nights rest. I thanked Elaine and Dam for letting us stay at their place and have dinner with them.  I signed their guest book and prepped my bike for a big day.  I replaced my tire in a few minutes and looked back to find Josh freaking

Brian Cray - Budget Travel 2013-09-27-10.18.42-w800-h600-735x440 Bazine Kansas  transamerica trail kansas bicycle touring


Bazine I woke up at the city park in Larned, Kansas to a chilly breeze and people walking around all over the place. I did not sleep well at all and woke up several times during the night to people rustling around the bushes and just being plain unusual.  I spoke with Josh later that

Brian Cray - Budget Travel 2013-09-26-12.38.06-w800-h600-735x440 Larned Kansas  transamerica trail kansas hitchhiking bicycle touring


Larned, Kansas I turned over on the couch grabbing my head. I regretted pounding down those six shocktops from the previous night.  I grabbed some water and breakfast, which consisted of eggs and a fruit smoothie.  Just the energy I needed for our big day. We left for Newton Bike Shop and arrived around 8:30

Brian Cray - Budget Travel 2013-09-26-09.14.02-3-w800-h600-735x440 Newton Kansas  transamerica trail kansas bicycle touring


Newton, Kansas I woke up today under Highway 54.  The condensation between my sleeping bag and bivy sack sent chills down my spine. I packed my gear and headed down the road around 7 AM. I headed to Rosalia relatively quickly covering 30 miles in a few hours since the wind died down from yesterday.

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