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Brian Cray - Budget Travel 2013-09-09-16.18.07 Changin' Tubes for Vincennes Indiana  indiana bloomfield bicycle touring

Changin’ Tubes for Vincennes

Changin’ Tubes for Vincennes I woke up at 9 AM to Susan opening the door to her old home on Howe Street.  My head ached and the top of my mouth beyond parched.  I downed a few bottles of water to help with my hangover. I actually didn’t plan on drinking last night, but the

Brian Cray - Budget Travel 2013-09-08-18.13.15 Hungover on Helios Indiana  transamerica trail indiana bicycle touring

Hungover on Helios

Hungover on Helios Bloomington, IN I decided to stay on Howe Street in Bloomington for another day partly due to a hangover. However, I spent most of the day tuning up my bike.  I replaced the brakes; I changed out the back tire with a new one; I fixed the rear rack since it was

Brian Cray - Budget Travel 2013-09-07-19.34.49 A Key to Howe Street Indiana  indiana bicycle touring

A Key to Howe Street

A Key to Howe Street Bloomington, IN Each day gets more interesting almost to the point where I cannot even explain how or why it’s happening. I woke up around 9 AM and cleaned up after myself before I left Trevor’s place. I headed out down Canal Trail and biked with a family who suggested

Brian Cray - Budget Travel wpid-nnnqrw64oebL6AAMGPVLyKBEkmVkvuvMCVLIQxDVAys Rollin' Outta Indy Indiana  indiana bicycle touring

Rollin’ Outta Indy

Rollin’ Outta Indy Tonight is my last night in Indianapolis. Free climbing bridges, joy riding, down town exploring, tattoos, hookah, rock climbing and feasting will be greatly missed, but I will be back on the road early tomorrow headed towards Bloomington.  I made a couch request to some people around the area so maybe I

Brian Cray - Budget Travel 2013-09-03-12.19.07 Climbin' Girders on the Monon Indiana  monon trail indiana bicycle touring

Climbin’ Girders on the Monon

Climbin’ Girders on the Monon Monon Trail, Indianapolis, IN I took a rest day today.  We hit up a huge bike shop, Dick’s and Best Buy.  I bought replacement USB cables for my phone and battery, a cold gear under armour long sleeve shirt, goPRO Hero3, chain lube, and a front basket for the front

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