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CH 13 Illinois

Chester Illinois

Chester Illinois I woke up today on the futon around 8 AM surprisingly I wasn’t hungover from the Blue Moons we pounded down the night before.  I thanked Phillip for his hospitality.  He left for class and I stuck around updating my blog, eating waffles with syrup for breakfast and packing my gear for today’s


Carbondale I woke up several times off of County Road 1900 laying down in the woods to leaves rustling and twigs breaking.  I heard the tiniest of footsteps go by my head.  It must have been a opossum, skunk or raccoon.  At first it startled me and between that and the humidity made it impossible

Sam Dale Lake State Park Illinois

Sam Dale Lake State Park

Sam Dale Lake State Park I ended up resting at a church off US 50 near Buchanan Drive.  At first I figured I’d stay out of the heat and cool off, but after telling everyone my story I ended up sleeping in someone’s old home.  I never did catch their names, but nonetheless, an exceptional

Quarry Indiana

Wanderin’ on a Blast Site…Kaboom

Wanderin’ on a Blast Site…Kaboom Lawrenceville, Illinois I woke up at 4:30 AM to crickets chirping in my ear.  As soon as I stopped moving they would start right back up again so I decided to prep my gear for an early departure.  I refilled my hydration pack, ate a peanut butter sammich, charged my

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