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Beijing, China

Beijing So my flight arrived the other day in Beijing at around 7 PM. I figured out how to withdrawal money from the ATM and get to my destinations fairly easily. After claiming my baggage and heading out of the airport with 1000 RMB I followed the signs to the local bus station for Line

Exploring Chicago

Mall Cop Frenzy

Exploring Chicago The next few days will feel like an eternity.  20 hour bus ride, followed by a day of sitting at the airport, then a 13 hour flight to Beijing and a 22 hour train ride to ChengDu.  I plan on resting as much as possible over the next few days to kill this

Abandoned Maryland

Abandoned Rosewood Center

Abandoned Rosewood Center Update:  The Abandoned Rosewood Center was recently purchased by Stevenson University so over the next several years the project will expand the University’s campus.  It will cost them roughly $70 million dollars.  It’s great that they are doing something with these buildings rather than letting them decay to rubble.  Check this place

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