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Hit and Run Extravaganza

Hit and Run Alright, so I haven’t written a blog entry about my day in quite some time. Mainly because I’ve settled down in one spot and my days consist of skiing, tuning and drinking beer.  Yesterday made the list though. Such an eventful day. I woke up to James calling me at 7 AM.

Skiing In Colorado

Skiing in Colorado

I took out 179 Volkl Bridge’s today.  Bombed nine runs hitting a max speed of 60 mph.  I got the best of both worlds skiing today, glades and groomed runs. It feels more like floating than skiing out on the mountain.  I work a split shift today so I took my break skiing on the

Skiing Breckenridge

Snowboarding Breckenridge

Snowboarding Breckenridge I took out a snowboard for the first time yesterday. Snowboarding Breckenridge Mountain was definitely an interesting experience.  I made it down one run before I decided to throw in the towel and call it a day.  I picked up carving toe side relatively easy, but heel side appeared to be impossible.  Instead

Ski Technician

Ski Technician I finally started work at Blue River Sports this past Wednesday.  Everyone seems really cool.  I fitted a customer for a ski package, but other than that we have just started training for snowboard boot fitting, ski boot fitting, snowboard bindings for silver and gold packages, ski binding packages and next week we

Breckenridge, Colorado

Bicycle Tour TransAmerica Trail

Bicycle Tour TransAmerica Trail 2,600 Miles – 9 States – DE to CO Bicycle Tour After tons of tweaking and finding the right video editing software for Android I finally finished editing my cross-country bicycle tour from DE to CO.  After 2,600 miles, cycling through DE, MD, VA, KY, IN, IL, MO, KS and CO

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