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Crane Climbing China

Crane Climbin’ in Communist China

Urban Exploring in China I nestled in bed under the sheets watching “Xingshi” known to people who speak English as “The Walking Dead.” Relapsing with mono took most of my energy, but not all of it. I used this time to relax and scope out the construction area next door to Zoe’s. At the moment

Xindu Urbex

Apply for a China Visa

How to Apply for a China Visa I finished my China visa back in September.  I filled it out and submitted the appropriate IDs, included my passport, invitation letter, proposed itinerary, and 2″ x 2″ picture using FedEx. In total my visa cost $217 and my one-way ticket to Beijing was $268. I used Visa

Xindu Urbex

Xindu Urbex

Xindu Urbex I have been lazy the past few days and lethargic. The lymph nodes on my neck under my chin are inflamed and I am fighting some kind of infection, but the good news is I have my own bed to rest in and I am getting more sleep at night than in ChengDu.


Xindu I woke up much earlier than normal today to go to a BBQ with Yezi and Jelte. We took the metro to Tianfu Square and walked across the street past the Mao Zedong statue towards the back of the building where a few buses idled. She grabbed us tickets for Xindu and we waited

North Railway Station

North Railway Station

North Railway Station I woke up late again today because I can’t fall asleep before 3 or 4 AM. I got dressed or I should say, I rolled out of bed and put a jacket on and strolled out of the apartment headed towards the Metro station. My original plans consisted of getting a bullet

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