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Photo Diary – Hitchhiking Adventures (2013 – 2018)

This is a photo diary of my hitchhiking adventures from 2013 to 2018 with short and long hitchhiking escapades.  On my hitchhiking adventures I did not cover much mileage per say, but, I normally stick to tramping to see the most I can see, which is more the idea for myself.  These photos portray my trips hitchhiking through New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, California, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and some of the eastern states like New York, and Pennsylvania along with countries in Southeast Asia:  Malaysia, some of China, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines.  There are also states not pictured in the diary that I hitched in those being, Kansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Alabama, and Virginia.

2014 – ~2,000 miles of hitchhiking in America

2015 – ~6,000 miles of hitchhiking in Southeast Asia and America

2016 – ~4,000 miles of hitchhiking in America

2017 – ~3,000 miles of hitchhiking in America and New Zealand, mostly rode freight trains.

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