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Help Me Self Publish a Book

Ok, so basically I am an amateur writer who is looking to self publish a book on Amazon.  I have already written the book, which unfolds my experiences wandering around the United States over 2017 between work and riding the rails.  The story tells of the unique characters I met on the road, the scenery from humming along the steel and the experiences I overcame while traveling.  I am really interested in self publishing because this niche does not fit anywhere on the shelf, especially for amateur publishers with little experience.  I work to be on the road, and I have no problem setting aside money one day to publish this book if I have to shelve the stories for the time being because I simply cannot afford to put 3,500 into proofreading and copyediting services.  The book is about 120,000 words.  It needs work as I am not an editor.  I am having a hard time editing my own book, to chop it down into something more pleasureable to read, without gutting it of its prose.  This donation form is set for the goal of copyediting and proofreading services.  That is the ONLY thing I plan on using the money for and I’m hoping that I will be able to find a decent editor to take on the project, whom I trust, and whose work can add the final touches to my book.  Any help is appreciated, but not necessary.  If you can’t help out, I understand, but I hope you have enjoyed the free stories, and guides my site offers.  I hope they help you extend the happiness of your life in some way, whether through reading and living vicariously through the adventure or going out there on your own and doing it.  Thanks.

And maybe some money can go into getting a real graphic designer to make a nicer cover?  This is what I made so far, but I have no plans to use it as the title or final product, it’s just a work in progress…



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