A Dome of Decay Peels the Ocean Away

Peel back her ocean walls with the rain and snow. Soon her translucent white and golden glass will stain the floor with shattered fragments of decay.

Fading with the Forest

Empty walls crumble. Brick-by-brick the wounds open. Scars wither to Earth.
Dansville: Castle on the Hill

Abandoned Dansville: Castle On The Hill

Abandoned Dansville: Castle On The Hill Disclaimer: I do not advise trespassing to explore this site in Dansville. The building is beyond repair and in extremely bad shape. We literally thought at points we might...
Hitchhiking to Abandoned Tokomaru Bay

Abandoned Tokomaru Bay

I stood right outside Tologa Bay by the only shoulder in the shade, flexing my thumb as minimal traffic whizzed by along highway 35 around the eastern coast. A black sports car screeched to...