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Train Hopping

After three years of travel by foot, bicycle, bus and plane, Brian Cray hopped his first freight train outta Flagstaff, AZ, riding blind on a boxcar on the Southern Transcon.  He had no idea what he was doing or where he was going, but somewhere between the chaos, the innocence, the paranoia, train hopping stuck with him through the years, flowing in his gypsy blood.  Now he spends his free time between jobs wandering the country by freight train whenever he has the money and the time.

Into the Night

Into the night on a cold bed of steel,Clouds float on through the dark sky like icebergs at sea,Stars wink under a crisp half moon;My mind is as clear as glass.All heard is the...

What’s Wild and What’s Machine

Back in the woods on a frost-covered berm,by the river,in the mountains,by the endless steel bands;a call of what's wild and what's machine;The serpent rides on through dawn, meandering opaque banks,flowing smalt.The wild lives...

Stuck in Hoosac Tunnel and the Hobogeist

Just because I've been through tunnels dozens of times over the years, does not mean the train can't side out in one for three hours.  At first, I figured the crossing light was out, and...

The Howls of that Winter Train

Kelly drops me off in Hoosick Junction after grabbing groceries in Bennington for her upcoming week.  This greatly reduces the time for me to get to Northampton, MA from Dorset, VT since my boss...

Pickin’ Apples, Catchin’ Freight on those Autumn Backroads

I walked from Hoosick Junction to Arlington with another 10 to 15 miles ahead of me before I'd reach Manchester.  My head jolted and I flinched from the distant train horn pounding through the...