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After three years of travel by foot, bicycle, bus and plane, Brian Cray hopped his first freight train outta Flagstaff, AZ, riding blind on a boxcar on the Southern Transcon.  He had no idea what he was doing or where he was going, but somewhere between the chaos, the innocence, the paranoia, train hopping stuck with him through the years, flowing in his gypsy blood.  Now he spends his free time between jobs wandering the country by freight train whenever he has the money and the time.

Crimson Flames of the Past

At times I feel lost drifting, wishing, hoping, dreaming, for that tender voice to soothe my lost soul of its loneliness and ineptitude like the sanctity of an angel... But with greed eating the souls of our youth I only wonder...

Don’t Get Nothin’

Don't get nothin' outta days work. Don't get nothin' outta ridin' free. Don't get nothin' outta in between. The most I get is in my dreams.

Catch that Train…Catch that train…

Sometimes I wonder, What it's like to stop searching. Calmness always fades. Hoping and dreaming. Worlds collide with fantasy.
Train Hopping in Chicago

Giants on the Steel in Small-town Iowa

I hopped off my first Viking Ship around 9 PM, wandering the dark, dusty, dirt roads of Fort Madison, IA. The crisp air calmed me and as I listened to the deafening bellows of...

Wandering through the Hundred Acre Woods

Losing My Mind in the Sonoran Desert I remember my correspondence with Northbank Fred from over a year ago via email like it was just yesterday. I thanked him for...