Langkawi, Malaysia

Hitchhiking Langkawi: The Eagle Island

Hitchhiking Langkawi The truth is when I set out months ago on my journey through Southeast Asia I did not expect to be tramping and hitchhiking Langkawi let alone Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.  What...
Exploring the Village of Thai in Koh Yao Noi

Satun, Thailand and My Princess

Satun Thailand I laid in bed under one sheet, freezing, while the AC blasted.  I rolled over and slightly opened my eyes after hearing the rustling of Trevor's luggage.  My chest tightened and I held...
Hitchhiking Southeast Asia - Thailand

Hitchhiking Southeast Asia Tips

Hitchhiking Southeast Asia Tips I bought my plane ticket to Malaysia and winged it from there. The best way to travel is with no plan.  I spent most of the month of January holding a...
Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers Hitch Hiking

Just a Thumb in Kuala Lumpur

Hitchhiking through Kuala Lumpur After a shitty night of sleep at the Kunming airport I did it all again in Kuala Lumpur International. I threw my bag on the carpet floor and plopped my ass...

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