Hitchhiking Southeast Asia - Thailand

Hitchhiking Southeast Asia Tips

Hitchhiking Southeast Asia Tips I bought my plane ticket to Malaysia and winged it from there. The best way to travel is with no plan.  I spent most of the month of January holding a...
Wright Park Baguio

Backpacking the Philippines: Straight Out Manila

Backpacking the Philippines So I ended up getting kicked out of Manila Airport in the Philippines around 4 AM and instead of taking an un-metered taxi to god knows where I decided to just walk....
Hitchhiking Muar

Hitchhiking Muar, Hooked on Gudang Garam

Hitchhiking Muar I awoke eager to check out the silos over the chain linked fencing, but a welder dove into his work in the adjacent yard, early morning, lacking gloves and a face mask to...
Senora Falls Philippines

Mt. Palali and the Blood Suckin’ Leech

Mt. Palali - Nueva Vizcaya Solano After leaving Baguio for Welbur Lacdao's house in a village in Nueva Vizcaya Solano I arrived early in the morning and took a day to relax. Something I ate...
Port Dickson Sunset

Hitchhiking Port Dickson, the Resort Town Butler

Port Dickson Below is another excerpt from my book, which I have decided to call, "The Nectar of Life: Misfit Travel" it outlines my first few days in Malaysia ending up in a Resort Town...

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