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Seasonal Work

Get Seasonal Work Skydiving?

How to get into the Skydiving Business as a Seasonal Worker So, no one goes into skydiving and gets a job jumping right away.  That just does not happen.  First of all, with USPA requirements you need to fulfill your licensures in order to get paid to jump, and even then, with all the training,

WWOOFing Hawaii is SLAVERY

WWOOFing Hawaii Gone Bad!!! So, recently through word of mouth I heard of an opportunity to work on an organic farm in Honomu, Hawaii.  It seemed like a great gig. A friend of mine gave me the contact information, saying the owner, Peter, needed workers all the time and paid cash.  Well, I needed work

Into the Deep Blue, Crater Lake

Seasonal Work in Crater Lake The smoky haze, its tendrils of deep gray, black, plumes of burning pines, hemlocks, firs and hardwoods filled the air with a suffocating noxious gas by Crater Lake.  While I wandered around through the orange blaze I saw wildfires incinerating forest not far in the distance from Rim Dorm. The

Goodbye Grand Canyon and Crazy John

Grand Canyon Crazies My days in the Canyon are shortly numbered as I approach the end of my contract. I hoped to stay until April 4th, 90 days into my contract, to request a transfer to another national park, but honestly I knew I would not make it. Xanterra is one of the worst companies

Grand Canyon Hermits Rest Road

Xanterrorist Park & Resorts

Xanterra Park & Resorts Seasonal Work So you want to see the National Parks in the USA, but you cannot afford to visit all of them? Why not look into working for Delaware North or Xanterra Park & Resorts? Seasonal contracts are offered at most of the parks with a minimum of a 90-day contract

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