Freedom is Blind

Gorgonize my ears With that sudden wrench of steel Blind me with freedom

Sinuous Peregrinations

On a sinuous Peregrination of steel Is our land's heartbeat

Goin’ Home

Her silver glint, Struck the sky, Shinin' off the steel. I walked along the wobbly banks, Sinkin' in my dreams. The wooden ties sang a song, Shakin' under shoes. I clenched my toes. She rumbled so, Shatterin' silence with her wheels. Horns sounded off, Chugs...
Train Hopping Baldwin Florida

Respect the Steel

She thwacked me once, She slammed me twice, Her path stifled my tracks. I bruised, I bled, I cracked my head, Mangling my cheer. For not every catch,  On the fly, Brought romantic bliss... Fumblin' feet and hot pursuit left me, but adrift. A flap of...
Train Hopping Grainer

Emotional Nihilist

The Emotional Nihilist - Prose Poetry He walks alone; Drowning in himself; His incompetence His sorrows His fears All clouding his mind… His choices An emotional nihilist Seeking hedonistic pleasures… With a tip of the bottle A pop of a pill A flick of a flame Addiction...