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Superman’s Kryptonite

Intense bursts, rushing, feeding your energy like a shockwave of highs, send you dancing to the sky.  You can accomplish anything. The world in these moments is completely yours like shaping clay in your...

The Meaning of Life is Meaningless?

To say life is meaningless would mean every living organism exalts no purpose in this world. Even as a pessimistic nihilist I believe that ideology is completely false, speaking from a realistic standpoint. Even...

Ephermally Alone

For every man walking through this decadent life is ephermally alone. His emotions of happiness, sadness, rage, humility, embarrassment, and loss whirl around in that broken heart of his, even with the loving words, affection...

Love is Pandemonium

Love is pandemonium, Feelings of happiness and connection, of sadness and uncertainty, test the boundaries of perseverance through waves of eclectic emotions. It's this very struggle that bonds two souls with passion, with love, and with...

Crimson Flames of the Past

At times I feel lost drifting, wishing, hoping, dreaming, for that tender voice to soothe my lost soul of its loneliness and ineptitude like the sanctity of an angel... But with greed eating the souls of our youth I only wonder...