To Those I’ve Lost

I really hate needles.  I stumble across them all the time in the invisible woods, under bridges and by the train tracks no matter how small the town or city.  It’s an epidemic.  It’s...

The Ocean, Sun and Moon

It comes and goes in waves much like the ocean, the sun and the moon.  It strikes like jolts of lightning and then disappears, lurkin’ underneath, and dwellin’ in the clouds.  This esoteric feelin’ is...

Stuck in Thought

How I feel inside Here I sit remembering How you treated me

Only Romantic in Ink

Crack a Steelie kid. Hoppin' them trains ain't easy. Drinkin' and smokin', Bein' free is hard. No responsibilities,

Hedonistic Degeneracy

I walk around to free my mind of this curse called thought. When I'm out there on the road it's a break from the boredom of it all.