Only Romantic in Ink

Crack a Steelie kid. Hoppin' them trains ain't easy. Drinkin' and smokin', Bein' free is hard. No responsibilities,

Hedonistic Degeneracy

I walk around to free my mind of this curse called thought. When I'm out there on the road it's a break from the boredom of it all.


I'm a bum. I'm a loser. I'm a thieving fool. I don't work enough. I must be scum, a...

The Wanderin’ Man

The wanderin' man tramps around for no other purpose than to tramp. The views, the solitude, that kindred spirit of freedom warms his soul when he sets...

Superman’s Kryptonite

Intense bursts, rushing, feeding your energy like a shockwave of highs, send you dancing to the sky.  You can accomplish anything. The world in these moments is completely yours like shaping clay...