A Dome of Decay Peels the Ocean Away

Peel back her ocean walls with the rain and snow. Soon her translucent white and golden glass will stain the floor with shattered fragments of decay.

I See It All By TRAIN!

I'm living while I'm dying in a paradox called life, slowly wandering, feeling the heartbeat of Earth through her thunderous squeals of steel, creaking, rolling, slicing,...

Greed and the Grave

When the sun stings the somber eye and the curtains fade to endless sky, I can only hope for passion in this life. Without passion there is only greed. The palpable spirit, so free,...

Fading with the Forest

Empty walls crumble. Brick-by-brick the wounds open. Scars wither to Earth.

From Golden Stalks to Green Mountains

Through her scars of earth, Between tilled shimmering dirt, Gold whiskers converge...