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What’s Wild and What’s Machine

Back in the woods on a frost-covered berm,by the river,in the mountains,by the endless steel bands;a call of what's wild and what's machine;The serpent rides on through dawn, meandering opaque banks,flowing smalt.The wild lives...

Into the πŸŒ™

All light disappearsDarkness runs wild insideHis mind is the gun

A Magnum Opus of Ramblin’ Thought

There comes a time in every man's life when he asks himself the rudimentary questions of purpose, self-worth, and happiness.  As a stubborn young man rooted in his ways, blinded by hubris, searching for...

‘In-Between Societies’

Medicated, jaded, still rippin' that steel when anxiety tortures me I quit my job year after fuckin' year.I've lost friends.I've lost family.My choices burn deep red,with the passions in my soul rattlin' around in...

To Those I’ve Lost

I really hate needles.  I stumble across them all the time in the invisible woods, under bridges and by the train tracks no matter how small the town or city.  It’s an epidemic.  It’s always depressing...