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Fuck Outta Here White Boy

Train Hopping Memphis The stiff concrete made me toss and turn early morning. I continued to lay there unable to wake from my comfortable zzz’s until broken free by the charming noise of a bellowing horn.  I thought none of it as I packed my gear in a lackadaisical fashion, ready to tramp it down the

Golden City

Golden City, Missouri I woke up around 8 AM.  My body moist, and sleeping bag and bivy sack covered in a misty dew.  My dream of cycling through the Rockies shattered.  By the time I hit Colorado it just won’t be plausible the way I’m approaching the trip.  I’m sure if I stayed in motels

Springfield Missouri

Springfield Missouri I slept under a bridge the other night avoiding the torrential downpour while the sky roared with bellows of thunder.  The dogs next to Highway 5 yelped and howled and somehow with all the noise the sound of raindrops pulled me under into a peaceful rest. I headed for the pavilion by the


Hartville, Missouri I woke up to a woman propping open the park door at Mark Twain Scenic Area. The pastor from last night misunderstood the meaning of pavilion. I slept near two picnic tables and a desk, but by no means did four posts and a roof shelter me from the rain. I slept for


Houston, Missouri The moist, cold ground on the cliff woke me up around 6 AM. I unzipped my bag and jumped into my thermals.  The tarp did its job last night though it only drizzled.  I pulled on the elastic band and placed my headlamp around my head.  Without light I could not see my

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