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Hitchhiking Pagoh

Hitchhiking Pagoh with Chewbacca

Hitchhiking Pagoh The night sky dispersed after a few hours of walking into the radiant sunrise. A revitalizing breeze cooled my skin in this time, but shortly after the sunrise I sought refuge in the shade, stopping at a small food shack in a village outside of Muar, on my way to Pagoh. An old,

Hitchhiking Muar

Hitchhiking Melaka, Another Dirty Tramp 

Hitchhiking Melaka “This is another excerpt from a rough draft of my book detailing my adventures hitchhiking Melaka when I traveled through Malaysia in 2015.” Walking in the dead of summer sucked. I felt inebriated despite not drinking alcohol from dehydration and heat exhaustion. The majority of my time I spent hiding from the blistering

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