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Island Air and the Psychic Mermaid

Island Air Shutdown, Went Out of Business Abruptly So my wife pestered me to book my flight back to Honolulu two days prior to my departure for Auckland, New Zealand.  I didn’t really want to, but catered to her request to make her happy, giving me ample time to get situated in Oahu without interruptions

Walla-Walla-Bing-Bong, Cassidy and Holiday

Hitchhiking Volcano National Park I pushed my flight back until November 14th while my visa processed for New Zealand.  With the sudden change of destinations I decided to venture to the Big Island of Hawaii, taking the first leg of my flight to Honolulu and redirecting to Kona Airport.  My wife and I flew together

A Year of Freight Trains

The Adventures of Brian Cray A Year of Freight Hopping WATCH THE 2017 RECAP OF FREIGHT HOPPING! Please like, subscribe or comment if you haven’t already…the more exposure will help to self-publish a book if it is not picked up by a publisher. The book covering my train hopping adventures is now COMPLETE! Freight Hopping Back

Back on the Road Again

Train Hopping Klamath Falls to Roseville Work ended, leaving me back on the road again, train hopping Klamath Falls on a deadline.  A long month of slave labor, working a minimum wage job, washing dishes, gave us a bit more travel money for New Zealand.  Antsy to leave, I watched the clock tick slowly nearing 2

Dirty Face in Pecos

Train Hopping Pecos, TX Martin dropped us off at the Love’s in Pecos.  But, by then the black dawn shimmered under loose stars vaguely seen through the stormy clouds, so we refrained from night hitchhiking and I pondered train hopping.  My nose flushed to a blushy red and I sniffled on the sidewalk by the

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