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Brian Cray takes us to destinations all over the world through his free and low budget means of travel by freight, thumb and feet with the occasional bus or plane.

To Those I’ve Lost

I really hate needles.  I stumble across them all the time in the invisible woods, under bridges and by the train tracks no matter how small the town or city.  It’s an epidemic.  It’s always depressing...

Stray Needles in Hartford

A cold sensation dribbled down my face in the darkest hours of night.  I awoke, confused as to what gently touched my stubbles of facial hair.  Rain dripped.  It dropped from the abandoned overhang above my camp, slightly...

The Ocean, Sun and Moon

It comes and goes in waves much like the ocean, the sun and the moon.  It strikes like jolts of lightning and then disappears, lurkin’ underneath, and dwellin’ in the clouds.  This esoteric feelin’ is hard to tame,...

Gettin’ Flooded

“This story is from the winter of 2017 after I gave Kelly most of my money to pay off her credit card debt, and traveled America on little to no money as spring hit...
Train Hopping in Chicago

Giants on the Steel in Small-town Iowa

I hopped off my first Viking Ship around 9 PM, wandering the dark, dusty, dirt roads of Fort Madison, IA. The crisp air calmed me and as I listened to the deafening bellows of bullfrogs croak...