Bicycle Tour TransAmerica Trail

Bicycle Tour TransAmerica Trail 2,600 Miles - 9 States - DE to CO Bicycle Tour After tons of tweaking and finding the right video editing software for Android I finally finished editing my cross-country bicycle tour...

Bluegrass N’ Beers

Backcountry Brewery So Travis heard of free blue grass night at this bar downtown in Frisco. He wanted to catch up with some people back at his old job at Backcountry Brewery so we swung...

Cyclin’ to Baker’s Tower

Boreas Pass I left around noon headed for Baker's Tower cycling over Boreas Pass Road.  Kate mentioned a hike near the tower if I had the time to do so.  I cycled a total trip...
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Swan Mountain

I woke up and hung out for a bit before grabbing my new GoLite JAM backpack, some essentials and my bicycle, which somehow still runs from all the abuse I have put it through. I...
cycling, backpacking, golite

Without a Glove

Cycling to Silverthorne I woke up and ended up cycling to the library in Frisco to use a computer.  I needed to see how to fix my tablet.  In the past few days my phone...