Century City

Backpacking SEA: Bum with a Thumb 

Backpacking SEA After almost 154 days abroad my trip is slowly coming to an end. I will hit day 154 as of April 9th. I still have a little over a week left, but for...
Dufu's Thatched Cottage

Travel to China

Travel to China How should you prepare for travel to China? Check out my thread on obtaining a China Visa for your passport at - How to Apply for a Chinese Visa! It goes over all...
Crane Climbing China

Crane Climbin’ in Communist China

Urban Exploring in China I nestled in bed under the sheets watching "Xingshi" known to people who speak English as "The Walking Dead." Relapsing with mono took most of my energy, but not all of...
Xindu Urbex

Apply for a China Visa

How to Apply for a China Visa I finished my China visa back in September.  I filled it out and submitted the appropriate IDs, included my passport, invitation letter, proposed itinerary, and 2" x 2"...
Crossing the Pi River

China Urbex

China Urbex I will write yesterday's adventure about Luodai Ancient Town after I write about today's China Urbex. So it occurred to me today that the problem with China urbex is not knowing whether I'm...

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