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Trainless Days in the Woods

Vermont Railway Systems in Rutland The air suffocates my face as mucous dribbles down my nose and onto my lips. I lay there on layers of moist cardboard, wrapped in a cocoon of nylon, listening...
Lost Dutchman's State Park

Lost Dutchman’s Park

Haunted Lost Dutchman's Park I worked another frantic week on my feet busing tables, serving food and rearranging tables, chairs and silverware for the next day's wedding. However, the upside to my job came with...

Harrison State Forest

Just a few miles north of Cadiz, Harrison State Forest, purchased in 1961, opened for stripmining coal on a substantial majority of its land. Subsequently, reforestation became a priority after years of mining and...
Rim 2 Rim

Rim 2 Rim…Not a Porno

Rim 2 RimI awoke fairly early Thursday morning to set out on an intense, Rim 2 Rim, hike that tested both my mental and physical conditioning. Since I started working in Grand Canyon Village...

Phoenix South Mountain Park Meets MS-13

Phoenix South Mountain Park So I took time to browse Craigslist while I was staying in Chandler at my buddy Jay's place and found a sweet deal on a bicycle, pump and lock for $60....