Hitchhiking Sausalito

Hitchhiking Sausalito and the Driftin’ Dream 

Hitchhiking Sausalito As I traipsed the streets of Sausalito I watched the riches of both the land and the architecture unfold in front of my eyes.  Waterfront properties guarded the bay like immaculate fortresses of...
California Bay Bridge Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking San Francisco and Gay Graham

Hitchhiking San Francisco I woke up in a boxcar in the Fresno train yard practically peeling my eyes open with every last bit of energy.  I never made it to Stockton, hoping the train might...
The Fresno Train Yard

Freight to Fresno on a Work Car

Train Hopping Fresno It briskly showered the night before covering my bivy in a film of morning dew. My sleeping pad soaked up every droplet of water from the moist ground making it feel like...

Goin’ Bakersfield to Catch a Train

Hitchhiking Bakersfield I chased the rain, or it chased me, I was not sure at this point. I thought traveling through a state in a drought promised dry weather, but I spent the majority of...

Ridin’ Blind on a California Line 

Train Hopping California I woke up early to hit the ramp to hitch out of Goodyear for Flagstaff. After a few hours of standing on the shade-less shoulder, sweat dripping down my brow and into...

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