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In 2013, Brian Cray sold all of his possessions and set out on a bicycle tour to the unknown with no real plan other than to head west towards Seattle.  He ended up getting stuck in the Rocky Mountains in Breckenridge, CO and solidified a job within three days, spending the next eight months there for the ski season.  This started his life of travel and now he wanders around between jobs year-after-year, in search of new landscapes and experiences.  What started off as bicycle touring across the USA, has slowly developed into a repertoire of travel methods like hitchhiking and hopping freight trains.  Nothing is too farout.

Christiansburg, VA

Gettin’ Caught in the Bush

Gettin' Caught in the Bush Claytor Lake - Radford, VA The intensity and craziness of yesterday makes me wonder what today will bring.  I road 90 miles hoping that I could meet up with Tom from...
Downtown Indianapolis

Bond…Trev Bond

Bond...Trev Bond Indianapolis, IN I arrived in Indianapolis yesterday.  I woke up around 8 AM in a corn field and headed out at 8:30 AM.  I swung by the local Dollar General to pick up some...

Jimmy the Kingpin Meth Lord

Jimmy the Kingpin Meth Lord Springfield, KY I ventured off the trail this morning since I could not find the unknown road I was supposed to turn onto.  A lot of streets are not named so...

Down and Out with Fresh Cantaloupe

Down and Out with Fresh Cantaloupe Indiana I did not get the chance to leave this morning until after 8 AM since I had to return my key at the campground for the restroom.  I wanted...
Camp Road

Campin’ in a Trailer

Campin' in a Trailer Last night was great. I rode 65 miles to Cedar Mountain Campground, but it looked really rundown. I rode past it and asked for directions from the Marks family. They wound...