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Dillon Lake

Breckenridge Jerbs

Breckenridge I woke up today in the bathroom at Prospector Campground near Lake Dillon. The temperature dropped down to ten degrees over the course of the night. I need a better sleeping bag. The one I have is rated for 35 degrees and just is not cutting it. I am looking to spend up to

Prospector Campground

Prospector Campground I woke up at 7 AM at the Georgetown Lake Shelter Campground. The other people packed up their belongings and headed out around the same time. The temperature did not get above ten degrees for at least a few hours, flurries of snowflakes and small gusts of wind continued throughout the day. I

Georgetown Lake Shelter

Georgetown Lake Shelter I woke up on Theo’s dirty, motel room floor around 9 AM.  He needed to finish up some paperwork for court and I needed to go to the bike shop down the road for the third time to return my tire.  We parted ways and he told me to come back around

Theo, Weed Plants and Trazadone

Idaho Springs I woke up this morning at the edge of a small cliff with the mountains all around me.  I saw my breath rise in the air like smokes while I starting packing up my gear.  The condensation between my sleeping bag and bivy sack almost soaked through to my clothing.  I should have

Denver with a Bud

Denver I woke up in Eads city park around 7 AM from the loud windy gusts.  I put on all my cold gear as my legs and arms shivered from the chilly breeze.  I left around 9 AM after patching my tire and fixing my front rim with an extra layer of electrical tape.  Just

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