Feelin’ Stuck in Estrella

Estrella Mountain Regional Park Over the past month much of my life changed drastically compared to the past two years. I lived with Kelly and her mom for the better portion of September into mid...
Hiking Flatiron

Abandoned Arizona

Abandoned Arizona: Phoenix Trotting Park - Goodyear, AZ (Demolished) Stationary living is different than wandering around aimlessly, especially in the desert. The dry heat baking my skin, sand sticking to the corners of my eyes, and...
Abandoned Arizona - Casa Grande

Casa Grande Domes

Abandoned Arizona - The Casa Grande Domes, Casa Grande, AZ https://youtu.be/RonBkzvABhE Update: After visiting the domes in Casa Grande one of them collapsed shortly after exploring the facility sometime in late 2016 After getting a job in...
Mount Humphrey Ridge

Mount Humphrey and the Super Sayin’

Mount Humphrey Requesting days off at work now is nearly impossible with the influx of more tourists who want to look at the stupid Canyon. I got off Valentine’s Day weekend recently, and spent a...
Arcosanti an Arizona Oddity

Arcosanti an Arizona Oddity?

Was Arcosanti an Arizona oddity or a sustainable idea way before its time? Paolo Soleri did not think so. Despite being a completely theoretical idea, Soleri funded his life's work through designing and producing...

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