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Face Tats and Steelies

Train Hopping Tucson I awoke later that morning to the sun piercing its rays upon my droopy eyes, train hopping Tucson. My eyes flickered with a perturbing itchiness as I rubbed sand and dirt out of the corners of them. My nose felt clogged like I inhaled plumes of smoke from a fire. Snot rockets

One Man, One Needle and a Greenhorn

After visiting the in-laws, watching the Super Bowl (uninterested) and getting squeaky clean, I felt that itch to hit the road again after a few days of being housed up.  So that’s what I did, I hit the open road, taking cheap public transportation to the train yard in downtown Phoenix, where I met back


Wedding March 17th 2016 marked the happiest day of my life as I stood there nervously awaiting the moments to say my vows and the words, “I do!” My wife looked absolutely stunning like an Egyptian Goddess. Her eyelids tinted gold with bright red lipstick and luscious lashes made me break out into a smile

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