Fading with the Forest

Empty walls crumble. Brick-by-brick the wounds open. Scars wither to Earth.

Backpacking of Budget Travel

Backpacking on a Budget Backpacking is still popular among those who go on vacation. Far from everyone enjoys spending time on a beach. Many people prefer an active way of rest. Backpacking does not necessarily...

Be a Freight

"This is a fictionalized story based off the dumb shit I've seen people do on YouTube...this is for all the YouTube view whores and clowns who don't respect the train and treat it like...

4 Amazing Coastal Drives in New Zealand You Shouldn’t Miss

4 Amazing Coastal Drives in New Zealand You Shouldn't Miss Image Source: Unsplash New Zealand’s coastal beauty is no secret. This little island country has beaches for miles, and its scenic drives are second-to-none. That’s why...

Mystery Man

My face is my face, but I am still a ghost, yes, I am still a ghost.