About Me

Brian Cray

Brian Cray is an adventure travel writer and photographer, scenery tramp, and temporary worker.  He graduated from the University of Delaware in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  In 2013, he rode his bicycle across the country, pedaling over 2,600 miles through 13 states, and never looked back.  Cray chose to live an alternative lifestyle in-between society rather than the conventional career path of a nine to five, having worked a myriad of jobs over the years, from geotechnical engineer, accountant, construction laborer, roofer, sales clerk, ski technician, parachute packer, waiter, busser, kitchen assistant, cook, barista, and banquet server to any odd job in-between.  When he’s not working temp jobs and spending time with his wife, he’s riding the rails. 

Over the past decade, he’s lived and worked in two countries and nine states, he’s wandered around North America extensively from as far north as Prince Rupert, British Columbia to as far south as Hialeah, Florida, and everywhere in between.  Cray also traveled abroad on a shoestring budget to New Zealand, parts of Southeast Asia and China.  He loves camping outdoors, foraging, and broadening his knowledge on wild edibles.  His writings focus on misfit travel, abandoned America, and Science Fiction.  He’s published two books and appeared on a television episode by Investigation Discovery as an expert witness.  Cray thinks there is still much to experience out there and not enough time.  He is just trying to enjoy the ride we call life and no job is beneath him if it allows him to travel.