Backpacking on a Budget

Backpacking is still popular among those who go on vacation. Far from everyone enjoys spending time on a beach. Many people prefer an active way of rest. Backpacking does not necessarily nights spent somewhere in camping sites by the fire with someone playing the guitar with a flock of mosquitoes and a rucksack behind one`s back. It is a stereotype. It is time to break the pattern. There are various options for interesting and fruitful vacation. How to save on vacation and spend a minimum of money?

It is a huge advantage of a backpacking that a person travelling can choose a route and travel objective on one`s own. This is why to turn a vacation into extreme hiking uninhabited forests or climbing steep mountainous slopes is something one can avoid.

Why look at monuments sitting in a bus crowded with people you do not know if you can pick a route on your own. Consider your efforts choosing a direction so seeing places of interest did not turn into a real physical torture. While backpacking, you can see nice places, hidden from backstreets you are unlikely to see sitting in a tourist coach.

Sedentary mode of life covered a humanity. Work in the office all day long, then sitting on a couch in front of the TV in the evening. It all goes around the next day. Active leisure is simply necessary in this case.

Scientists argue that 346 muscles work when doping one-step or 60% of muscles of all body and intensive walks a few times a week can prolong life for 3 years. There is no need to walk over the oceans on foot but finding oneself into a place, it is better to see the places of interest by yourself. All the more, any time you feel tired, you can use public transport.


Budget travel hiking gear essentials

If you are a novice tourist, or just want to try this type of holiday, then the issue with equipment can make you sad. It is not necessarily to buy all the necessary equipment, a sleeping bag, a tent, a tourist backpack, a sleeping pad and other accessories going hiking. If you want to make a mini-trip with friends, you may not need a separate tent.

You can hire everything else in specialized firms or take from your friends for a token fee. Later, if you realize that backpacking is yours, you can buy all the necessary equipment systematically, taking into account your preferences and experience.

The most important thing is to find a comfortable and roomy backpack. Modern travel backpacks can reduce the burden on the shoulders up to 50%. If you still want to buy equipment at the lowest price, do it at the end of the summer, when shops arrange traditional sales of travel accessories.


Crunching numbers backpacking on a budget

If you or your friends have the necessary hiking experience, you can go on a small trip yourself. The difficulty category of the hike should be zero, and the route should be popular. It is necessary to stock up on compasses, maps, navigators, a necessary stock of products, take a complete first-aid kit, insurance and other documents. Discuss a detailed plan of the route, all the organizational aspects of nutrition, equipment.

A hike along a simple route with experienced comrades will cost you 3-5 times cheaper than through agencies. But if you don’t have such friends, you can make friends with the guys from the tourist club in your city in advance. If this is also not possible, then contact the agency to learn about ways to reduce the cost of the tour. Some organizations sell tours at a lower price if you book a trip in advance or give a discount on “bring a friend.”


Backpacking, hiking and using your thumb

Hiking is possible not only within your own country. There are enthusiasts who travel with backpacks and tents in Europe, America and other continents. You can spend the night in local hotels or hostels; get to the desired place by bus or travelling. To see the country, not depending on anyone, to get acquainted with every corner of the area, to capture an interesting frame on the camera is a special pleasure.

You can take your favourite bike with you on a trip or ride the hired one.

In short, hiking has never been boring. This is an excellent form of outdoor activities when you can go along with interesting friends and link-minded people through some interesting routes and get impressions and memories.

Backpacking has many advantages comparing to other kinds of rest: it is probably one of the most budget ones and a great way to discover unknown corners of the world for oneself.

Backpacking makes it to where one is able to travel wherever it feels like with light baggage without any expense, and budget hotels and online resources allow planning an interesting vacation to the uttermost. Backpacking is perfect for a vacation at weekend and people who value adventures and discoveries, it allows to value natural beauty of remote areas.

It is not enough just to go to the length of a backpacking. One should prepare for a forthcoming trip in advance. You can leave your mark both, in the city and country space – each out of the place is interesting in its own way and each requires a preliminary preparation.

Thus, it is needless to say that you need a map if you have decided on wandering a foreign city. Prepare for changes of the planned route. Beautiful places can catch your eye all of a sudden.

Your clothes should be comfortable, first and foremost, especially when it comes to the shoes and neat at the same time just in case you feel like stopping by a café for a snack. Also, you need a bag to pack things. A trip to the country is unlikely to be successful without water and food supply, raincoat, a map and a camera. You also need to think over a route in advance. Learn a bus schedule, running through your route. There is just a chance that it might take more efforts for obtaining a route that you thought it would be.

The main thing is to keep in mind that a backpacking is not necessary a way to spend time. Namely in such moments, a reappraisal of values happens; we begin to value what was already forgotten; a mouthful of water and the sunshine, a favourite pillow and ability to walk a plain pave walk, communication and befriending.

About the author: Melisa Marzett loves travelling along with writing. She is lucky to be able to combine what she does for a living with her hobby. She works for Resume Perk and backpacking is one of those things she enjoys most of all because it is an excellent way to take mind from mental work doing some physical one.


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