Just a few miles north of Cadiz, Harrison State Forest, purchased in 1961, opened for stripmining coal on a substantial majority of its land. Subsequently, reforestation became a priority after years of mining and through funding from the Appalachian Regional Develolpment Act of 1965 and the Ohio Capital Improvements program, this recreation area became safe for public usage. Reforestation planted over 100,000 trees in 1992 and 1993 on 186 acres of stripmined land.

Harrison State Forest permits camping in the designated areas for up to 14 days FREE. This campsite is located right outside of Pittsburgh, PA and amenities include bathrooms, fire rings, and picnic tables.

  • No showers
  • No potable water
  • No outlets

But the area features 20 miles of hiking trails and you will likely be one of the only campers around during your stay in the park. You may camp in either the regular campground or the horse campground, just make sure you fill out the registration form located by the restrooms and place it on your campsite post, vehicle dashboard or by your tent.


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