San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, offers a happy mix of urban life and old world charm. There are several enigmatic sites to explore. Before you land in the city, consider doing thorough research of the locales to plan your itinerary. Considering that there are quite a few exciting options, you may have to plan well to fit it as many as possible. Owing to the congested traffic conditions in the city, it is always wise to book a comfortable and dependable taxi service in Puerto Rico for an airport pickup.

According to VIP Limo Puerto Rico, choosing the right taxi service in Puerto Rico can not only provide for an airport shuttle from and to San Juan airport but also provide comfortable transportation throughout the city, taking you to popular tourist spots in the least possible time. Here are some exciting destinations to include for half day tours, while you are here.

Places to Include for Your Day Tour

  1. Old San Juan Segway: The Old San Juan Segway can be explored on a short tour of not more than 2 hours. Here, you can experience an effortless confluence of the old and the new. Take a close look at the wonders of colonial architecture, most of which dates back almost 500 years and pick up the insights of how a predominantly Spanish colony transformed into a US territory. You will need a helmet, plenty of water and loads of sunscreen to brave the heat. Planned tours are available to assist you with these and arrange for your transportation as well. You can enquire with local cab service companies.
  2. Casa Bacardi: A trip to Casa Bacardi can be clubbed with the Old San Juan Segway tour or can be undertaken independently. Here, you can uncover the rich legacy of Bacardi, the world’s most famous spirits company. It is a tour of the largest rum distillery in the world. You can enjoy an interactive session of questions and answers and sip handcrafted cocktails. Be prepared for plenty of walking though. So, equip yourself with a comfortable pair of walking shoes.
  3. Bioluminescent Bay: This is a unique treat when you are in San Juan. It is a lovely bay that is spectacularly illuminated by dinoflagellates that are harmless for humans. Every time there is a slight disturbance in the water, these organisms light up the entire bay! You can swim and snorkel here and pick up facts about this spectacular natural phenomenon with the help of a trained guide. Most pre-booked tours will provide you with swimming and snorkeling gear and a light pre-swim dinner.
  4. Luquillo Beach: If you are a beach lover, San Juan does not disappoint. You can head to the peaceful and tranquil Luquillo Beach, which is an ideal spot for enjoying sea food and taking a refreshing dip into the cool waters. This beach destination can be included as part of other half day tours as well.


The best way to plan tours in San Juan is to seek a comprehensive deal from a transportation service provider for a complete package, including shuttles from and to San Juan airport and the tours of your choice.


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