Guest Posts

I have decided to open the blog up to guest posts for other misfit travelers wandering around out there.

Drop me a line in the comments section or by email if you are interested in posting content to the blog.

You WILL remain the rightful owner of your content.  It’s really just to get a collection of stories together for other travelers interested in train hopping, hitchhiking and budget travel whether in the United States or abroad.  It doesn’t really matter.  If you enjoy writing, photography, film editing, drawing, or anything in between that expresses yourself, then I am interested.

I can set you up with an account that allows you to post and add pictures.  Upon posting an article your post will begin the moderation process and then show on the main page in the appropriate category.  I am just looking to get more like minded content out there for people to read, including myself, as I enjoy reading people’s adventures as well.  So if this interests you drop me a line and we can work something out.  Safe travels.

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Brian Cray is not a cyclist. He’s not a hitchhiker. He’s not a train hopper or an adrenaline junkie. He’s just an ordinary man with gypsy blood in his veins, who can’t seem to settle down. Nothing defines him. He goes wherever this world takes him on this journey we call life, roaming the world, at will, by any means. He aspires for a life of indefinite travel, a tiny home in the woods for him and his wife, and any work that keeps him wanderin’. Brian Cray is a travel writer at heart, sharing his stories with the world one keystroke at a time.


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