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Archives for February 2018

Goin’ Home

Her silver glint, Struck the sky, Shinin’ off the steel. I walked along the wobbly banks, Sinkin’ in my dreams. The wooden ties sang a song, Shakin’ under shoes. I clenched my toes. She rumbled so, Shatterin’ silence with her wheels. Horns sounded off, Chugs serenaded to the clouds. I skittered to the woods, Lost,

Train Hopping Baldwin Florida

Respect the Steel

She thwacked me once, She slammed me twice, Her path stifled my tracks. I bruised, I bled, I cracked my head, Mangling my cheer. For not every catch,  On the fly, Brought romantic bliss… Fumblin’ feet and hot pursuit left me, but adrift. A flap of skin danced on my head, the crimson flowed within,

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