Train Hopping Grainer
Near Baldwin. FL

The Adventures of Brian Cray

A Year of Freight Hopping

WATCH THE 2017 RECAP OF FREIGHT HOPPING! Please like, subscribe or comment if you haven’t already…the more exposure will help to self-publish a book if it is not picked up by a publisher.

The book covering my train hopping adventures is now COMPLETE!  I am in the process of editing it down to about 90,000 to 1000,000 words since I do not have the money for an editor.  This may take a few more years for me to publish it between my travels.  It will be available FREE for download.  I may try to print copies myself and sell them directly on the blog for those that want a hardcopy.

Freight Hopping Back Across America

After quitting my job in Western New York mid July I spent the month train hopping back out to Oregon for a month of work at Crater Lake. During my time there I experienced some of the worst wildfires of my lifetime, thick black smoke, trouble breathing and little work. However, I managed to save some money up for our upcoming trip to New Zealand. We head out in two weeks. I rode freight down into Lathrop, CA to end my year of trains. This year I covered about 16,000 miles hitchhiking and train hopping on freight cars, riding through 33 states over about 7 months. While at the National Park I finished writing my first book and I’m in the process of sending it out to get published. Below are pictures and videos of my recent adventures back across America through multiple freight hopping videos, a recap video of the past year of riding and a few more short stories.

Short stories of my freight hopping adventures

  • Two Train Kids and a Pooch
  • Come on Down to Cleveland Town
  • Into the Deep Blue
  • Back on the Road Again

Freight Hopping Buffalo to Chicago

We rode from CSX Yard off of Broadway St. in Buffalo, NY to Cleveland, OH, avoiding the police because of Rooster’s warrant. Then we hopped out on a piggyback late at night riding freight into good ole Chicago, IL.

Freight Hopping Along the Mississippi River

After taking a Metra from Chicago, IL to Kenosha, WI we spent the next ten days walking and hitchhiking to finally end up in Portage, WI where we caught a train to St. Paul, MN. I walked 15 miles through Battle Creek Park past the Pig’s Eye Yard and met back up with Rooster at the Minnie Hop out where we met Rabbit Ear and Seed.

Freight Hopping the Hi-Line Part I and II

We rode the hi-line from Minneapolis to Havre, MT where I disbanded with Rooster and Nakita so he could party with an ex-train rider, CC Rider. I hopped outta Havre on my birthday riding about 800 miles all the way through Wenatchee National Forest and the 12.8 mile tunnel where I breathed in diesel fumes for a good 30 minutes, ending up along the Pacific Coast just south of Everett in Edmonds, WA.

Freight Hopping Portland to Eugene, OR

After meeting up with NoGood and Jellie in Tacoma, WA for a few days of catching up with old BitTorrent friends, from TrackeReactor, he dropped me off in Portland where I caught a gondola to Eugene.

Freight Hopping Klamath Falls to Lathrop, CA

This was my last ride of the year from Klamath Falls to Lathrop, CA. Two people got pulled off on a grainer in Redding on my train, just two cars ahead of me. I went back to the unit to grab water. When I came back she aired up. I ran across an oil tanker while she rolled along I hopped back up on my grainer just feet from police and sailed away, without getting arrested.


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