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A Composition of Short Stories

Over my past few years of misfit travel I honed my skills of writing in an effort to write a book, but somewhere along the way I lost myself.  I veered off the open road, searching for a style, an affinity if you will, of writing similar to Jack Kerouac, and other beat authors of the past.

As I sit hear on a twin bed, working for minimum wage at the National Park in Crater Lake, I realized all that confusion searching for a beginning, and an end, left me unsure and restrained me from writing.  Over the years I probably have about 200 to 300 thousand words written and still, not enough to piece together a book.  Why?  Because adventure of this nature does not have a beginning or end, the story is always going in constant motion, just like my two feet, it does not rest.  So with that contention in mind, I set all the rules of grammar aside, the socially accepted standards of society and just scribbled a full-on rampage of short stories, piecing them together in Google Docs, since I write everything on my phone.  I started to realize as an amateur writer with absolutely no credentials, backing, or audience that the prose behind this type of writing does not fit in the mainstream flow of society, thus making it eccentric in its own way.  So what does this mean?

In short, it means instead of one book I have enough material for three or four.  It means, since I threw out the idea of a beginning or end and just drift along with the words in my head I have about 100 thousand words just on all my stories this year riding freight trains around America.  It means, everything is slowly coming together and I am hoping to have a book finished within the next month.  Then I will go back on past writings, separate them into outline form on Google Docs and plow through more adventures.  This is all more personal than anything, just a goal of mine.  But, it is coming to fruition.

From there, I plan to use every last penny in my name to get something published.  Despite, the brash honesty, the vulgarity, the drug and sex references, the depiction of racism.  I hope to paint a picture of an honest version of America through the eyes of a Dirty Kid bustling along the steel, the new set of adventurers in history.

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