Travel Maui on a cheap budget
Hitchhike to the top of Haleakala Crater and hike down it through Kaupo Gap for FREE. Travel Maui on a Cheap Budget and see Nene and a beautiful dormant volcanic crater that looks like you're walking on Mars.

Budget Travel Maui on the Cheap

If you’re a backpacker or a hitchhiker you can budget travel Maui on the cheap and live large. Large enough to see the whole island and the little nooks and crannies in between away from the main stream tourism.

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Camping? Figure that out on your own. Camping is only expensive if you choose to camp legally and pay for permits. There are plenty of safe places to camp off of private land that are away from the tourists, and home bums alike. Some involve walking, some involve bending the rules, some involve sleeping in the rain. It’s all a matter of how extreme you want to travel. Travel Maui on a Cheap budget and you can travel anywhere cheaply using these same principles. You just need patience for hitchhiking, stamina, determination and perseverance for walking long distances and enough food and water to get you through the rough times. After all, it is worth it for the beauty. You see the world for practically no money while others are spending my yearly salary to stay there for a few weeks in a luxurious hotel.

Camping Gear

You should come well equipped with camping gear to sleep in all types of inclement weather. Important items to bring to Hawaii are:

  • Rope for tying down your tarp shelter
  • Stakes for making lean-tos
  • A big enough tarp to cover both you and your stuff
  • Waterproof jacket, pants, and boots…it rains a lot…you will get caught in it eventually
  • A 50 liter garbage bag to act as a dry bag liner for your clothes and other gear in your backpack
  • Ziploc bags to cover smaller items from getting wet
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Two empty 1.5 liter bottles for water
  • Flip flops
  • Smartwool socks or anything that isn’t made of cotton of takes too long to dry
  • Preferably a synthetic 0 or 20 degree sleeping bag
  • A bivy sack or mosquito netting if the bugs like your blood
  • A pot and a pan to cook
  • A lighter or flint and steel to start a fire


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In order to budget travel Maui on the cheap you should set a total budget of what you want to spend and separate budgets on the following, transportation (possible bus fare), food, camping gear, and laundry. Whatever categories you spend less in you can splurge a bit in other areas as your trip comes to an end.


Your transportation budget should be near 0 dollars since hitchhiking and walking are FREE.

Hitchhiking and walking are FREE modes of transportation. We made it around the the whole island of Maui on a Cheap budget of just $10.00 a person. It’s possible. The less you spend the more time you have to visit other islands with inter island flights or lengthen your stay in Maui. Also sign up to become a mileage member for whatever airline you choose to reduce costs for checked baggage.


Set your food budget to an amount you can afford for the time you want to travel Maui on a cheap budget and adjust from there. We lived off a $10.00 a day food budget per person for the whole month we traveled. How did we do this you ask? Eat cheap, filling food, manager’s specials and fast food and do not eat out at restaurants and blow all your money on booze and cigarettes (though we indulged a little). For our food list we stuck to tortillas, refried beans, peanut butter sandwiches, tortilla chips and cheese, spam, rice, ramen noodles, pasta, hotdogs and other items on sale. We also signed up for any free supermarket cards to save money. Avoid buying fruit from grocery stores. It is overpriced. Local stands are better, but keep in mind you’re on a tropical island with plentiful fruit….FORAGE IT. It’s FREE!

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You can make private fires on the beach to cook your food in a secluded area or use one of the grills at the public park. No one ever bothered us. We made fires practically everywhere to cook our food.

For kindle you can use toilet paper from the rest room, paper towels or the free brochures and local newspapers they give out. The newspapers also make for good insulation to absorb damp boots or clothing if caught in the rain.


All the while you can charge your electronic devices at said park depending if they have the electricity on or off.

The best/most inconspicuous place to charge your electronics is at Kahului Airport. Go to baggage claim and just act like you’re traveling, about to board a flight. Kanaha Beach Park sometimes has an outlet under the Canoe Hale among other parks throughout Maui like Kalama Park in Kihei, etc. You will find the parks with less home bums tenting up near the beach, the more readily available outlets that work. Just test them out or get a small solar panel and an external battery charger for cheap on eBay.


Water is FREE, fill up your empty 1.5 liter bottles at water fountains.

Staying Clean

Showers are FREE. Just use the public beach showers to bathe. It is a bit chilly but free.


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