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Mt. Palali and the Blood Suckin’ Leech

Mt. Palali – Nueva Vizcaya Solano

Cliff Jumping at Senora Falls

Cliff Jumping at Senora Falls

After leaving Baguio for Welbur Lacdao’s house in a village in Nueva Vizcaya Solano I arrived early in the morning and took a day to relax. Something I ate in Baguio destroyed my stomach making it twist and turn in all directions. We spent the day talking and listening to the Voice on YouTube.

Senora Falls

Walk to Senora Falls

AEIOU Religion

AEIOU Religion

The next day we woke up and I hitched a ride on Welbur’s motorcycle to Senora Falls on Mt. Palali. It’s a 5 KM ascent up this non-paved driveway of stone and grass. When we reached the top there is an expensive resort hotel perched on the top of the mountain. The view from the outside eating area overlooked the whole city. From up there the mountains of Baguio peeked out in the distance and the city of Solano sat below in the valley of stone and a lone river. The houses of the village in the mountains followed the pathway to Senora Falls. Each marked with an “AEIOU” trinidad symbol consisting of a triangle, with an eye and three A’s in each corner, wings stemming off the triangle. I later researched the topic and found that the symbol referred to the Infinito Dios. A religious symbol influenced by the Spaniards when they came over in the Philippines to spread Catholicism. The symbol lined every house in the village in red print with a white background.

Overlook from Mt. Palali

Overlook from Mt. Palali

Senora Falls Mt. Palali

Right outside Senora Falls on Mt. Palali

As we walked closer to the falls the scenery just became more incredible. Bright greens, beautiful pink, purple flowers, palm trees, pine trees, and the clearest water my eyes ever witnessed. We took off our shirts and leaped into the water. My nipples became hard and I shivered as I swam to the surface. Despite being 90 degrees outside the water felt like 40 degrees. I felt like a member of the Polar Bear club. We swam for a while and jumped off the top of the falls, which is like a 20 foot leap of faith. We hung out there for most of the day until returning back to Welbur’s home.

Senora Falls

The beautiful views of Senora Falls in Nueva Vizcaya Solano, Philippines!

Senora Falls

Going for a swim in Senora Falls

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