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Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

Another angle of our tree climbing experience.

Trevor put his car in park at the Moose Bar while I checked out the map for entry at the abandoned Forest Haven Asylum grounds.  Follow the fenceline to the abandoned shell and continue on through the woods right to the facilities. It seemed easy enough.  After walking a few hundred yards, leaves rustling beneath our feet, the amount of litter showed the number of explorers before us who visited the complex.  Paper respiratory masks scattered in the treeline, an old, worn out mattress propped up next to stale empty beer cans and random articles of clothing dangled from branches, as we made a run towards the building.

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

Anyone want a free Pepsi?

Everything about this facility screamed terror and destruction.  Old desks, hospital beds, and chairs, lay in the overgrown grass in a number of pieces. Windows completely shattered with small fragments of glass crackling beneath our feet as we wandered from room to room.  This area, a safe haven for graffiti artists and vandals, made the grounds even more spooky.  The walls chanted, “Lost Souls”, “DIE”, “LEAVE NOW” and “She bled out of every hole” just named a few of the many words sprayed across the decaying walls.  Some rooms completely destroyed and left in rubble while others appeared to decay much slower like the souls of the dead lashed out to free themselves of this horrid land, but remained imprisoned to the grounds that abused, tortured and killed them.

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

Trevor sitting out on the edge of the roof of an Abandoned Forest Haven building.

Dentist chairs locked to the floors confined the apparitions to these very walls while the instruments rusted within close reach on the dilapidated desks.  Most rooms displayed chaos.  Every wall falling into the barely standing floor beneath it. Ceilings hanging from their last threads, water damaged books, suitcases and patient files left on the dusty, disheveled floors, like everyone just vanished one day and these buildings became a ghost town over night.

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

Looks like a nice comfy bed. Someone’s representing the international squatter symbol there on the left.

Out of all the buildings the church remained intact the most except for a few shattered windows above the alter.  We stood there taking funny pictures next to the Jesus statue.  The light illuminated through the colored glass above while rays cast through the holes of broken glass shining on the dusty floor below.  All the rows remained as if ready for next Sunday’s Bible verse.  We moseyed off to the next building.

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

What lies ahead through the doors?

A few rooms stood out more than the others.  Random furniture propped up against the walls.  These couches, and recliners, seemed out of place. Like people turned it into a squat at some point in time, but other than boots, no real signs indicated this other than the out-of-place furniture.

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

The Abandoned Forest Haven Church. Probably the cleanest building left on the lot with the least amount of decay.

We continued on through the stairwells.  Afraid of falling through the floors with each step up the sloped rubble and debris.  The top floor doors, locked, with both windows shattered.  We grabbed onto the frame and flung our bodies through the small openings feet first.  The same stigma existed in each and every room, but we noticed another floor above us. One that required some climbing to get to it.  We jumped up on a rusty tank and grabbed onto one of the support I-beams.  Pulling ourselves up we began to walk across each beam very carefully as we crawled and tiptoed across the room being cautious as to not fall through the floor.  Beams of light shot through portions of the roof where obvious decay created holes through the shingles exposing the wood framing to rain damage.

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

A weird room with some type of chemical drum next to an old chair.

We tried gaining access to the roof without any luck, but spotted a nearby evergreen tree that looked like the perfect 40 foot climb.

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

Near the rooftop inside one of the old Abandoned Forest Haven buildings.

The tree believe it or not, looked like someone trimmed it recently with a cherry picker.  The thick branches stuck out from the base about six feet or so. They looked like thick quad muscles going all the way up even to the top of the tree.  I jumped up wrapping my arms around a thick branch and part of the trunk and began to meander up the tree like walking through a maze.  Once level with the roof of the building we decided to stop and soak in the view.  The down climb seemed much easier.

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

The vines creep up the building on the 3rd story of the abandoned Forest Haven Asylum.

After hopping off the last limb and planting our feet on the ground we decided to run back towards the car and call it a day.  I noticed a little boy in a blue sweater out of the corner of my eye yet again, but assumed my imagination fooled me.  My dreams that night focused on Forest Haven and this little boy so maybe at some time that reality existed and he lived on the grounds. Supernatural experiences do happen, I just never believed until this point in my life.

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

The best graffiti I’ve seen in this whole facility.

Directions to Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum –Address and Location

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

A decaying table and cabinet next to the dentistry unit.

Scroll down to the end of the article for an aerial of the 13 buildings and the comments have a picture outlining where to park (Moose Bar) and how to get to building 2 through following the fence-line and going through the woods passed the abandoned shell walking further through the woods you’ll see a path that leads to the abandoned Forest Haven Asylum.

Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

The view from 30 to 40 feet up in a tree with Trevor.

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