Frisco, CO

Hiking Frisco Peaks Trail

Hiking Frisco Peaks Trail
Hiking along the bicycle path that goes between Breckenridge and Silverthorne, CO

I ended up hiking for about three or four miles today through National Forest finishing up in Frisco near the hospital.  The perfect day for hiking.  I changed out of my cold gear and trekked up the side of the mountain in sweat pants, minimalist shoes and a techwick t-shirt.  The breeze felt nice and I remained fairly warm for most of the hike until I stepped on snow and into soggy puddles of mud and goo beneath the white frosted brush.  For part of the trail I connected on roadways that looped around past Summit High School, but for the most part I just followed the noise of vehicles echoing from the highway and knew I would eventually end up in Frisco if I continued hiking in that direction.  I hiked through the forest, branches fallen over every few feet rotting on the ground, perched in between the dead trees that stuck out of the ground before me.  I followed the barbed wire fence that ran parallel to the road until reaching the Frisco Bike Rec Path.  I ended up hiking that for about a half mile until reaching Frisco where I took the bus back to Summit High School and wandered home.

Hiking Frisco Peaks Trail
Hiking down dirt roads to nowhere!
Hiking Frisco Peaks Trail
I stumbled upon some wildlife tracks either elk or deer!

While hiking, I saw two buck, bear tracks and a variety of elk tracks along the way pressed deep into the muddy trail.  I let my landlords know of my find so they can possibly scope out the places I hiked for potential hunting spots.  I took a bunch of pictures with my GoPRO…some great views of the forest and Dillon Lake are below.  Enjoy!


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